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What are the advantages and disadvantages of FPC cables?

Industry News|2024-04-17| admin

  When it comes to FPC cables, we must know or understand what FPC is? According to function, FPC can be divided into many types, such as industrial control FPC, FPC button, LED display soft board, etc. FPC cable is one of them. In layman's terms, FPC cable can be bent to a certain extent. Connecting line set.

  1. The function of FPC cable

  The function of the FPC cable is to connect two related parts or products. Now, many products use flex cables. Because of its flexibility, FPC cables have been used in many products such as printers, mobile phones, and notebooks. Manufacturers of FPC cables are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, and Shenzhen is the leader among them.

  2. FPC cable composition and parameters

  Since the FPC cable is a kind of FPC, its composition is the same as that of the FPC. The FPC is generally elongated, and the two ends are designed as pluggable pins, which can be directly connected to the connector or welded to the product. The center is generally a line. Since FPC cables require a certain degree of flexibility, the substrate is generally made of rolled copper, which is resistant to bending and flexible.

  3. FPC wiring process

  The surface treatment process used for FPC cables is generally immersion gold, with occasional anti-oxidation. However, the anti-oxidation process cannot withstand high temperature, the environmental bearing capacity is worse than that of immersion gold, and the prices of the two are similar. Therefore, most of them use the immersion gold process. In addition, there are processes such as tin plating and tin spraying, but the temperature resistance of FPC is generally below 280 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of tin spraying will be above 300 degrees Celsius, and the hardness of the solder paste is small, so it is rarely used.

  4. Advantages and defects of FPC cable

  Advantages: The use of FPC can greatly reduce the volume and weight of electronic products, which is suitable for the development of electronic products in the direction of high density, miniaturization and high reliability. Therefore, FPC has been widely used in aerospace, military, mobile communications, laptop computers, computer peripherals, PDA, digital cameras and other fields or products. In addition, it can be arbitrarily organized according to the spatial layout requirements, and can be moved and elastic arbitrarily in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component installation and wire connection.

  Defect: In the process of producing a product, cost should be the most considered issue. Since the flexible fpc is planned and fabricated for special use, the initial circuit planning, wiring and photographic plates are more expensive. Unless there are special needs to use soft fpc, it is best not to use it when it is used in a small amount. In addition, a lot of energy has been put into it, and later protection is naturally essential, so soldering and rework require trained personnel to operate.

  Storage of FPC cables

  Unlike other products, FPC flexible circuit boards are actually not in contact with air and water. So how should we properly store this product? I believe that after reading the following content, we will find the answer.

  First of all, the vacuum of the FPC flexible circuit board cannot be damaged. When packing, a layer of bubble film needs to be surrounded on the side of the box. The water absorption of the bubble film is better, which plays a good role in preventing moisture. Of course, moisture-proof beads are also indispensable. of.

  Secondly, after sealing, the box must be separated from the wall and stored in a dry and ventilated place away from the ground, and it should also be protected from sunlight. The temperature of the warehouse is best controlled at 23±3℃, 55±10%RH. Under such conditions, PCB boards with surface treatment such as immersion gold, electro-gold, tin spraying, and silver plating can generally be stored for 6 months. PCB boards with surface treatment such as immersion tin and OSP can generally be stored for 3 months

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