A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service
current position: Home Enrollful Personnel policy
Salary benefits  

1. Provide competitive salary in the industry.

2. Develop a performance plan with an incentive.

3. Provide a variety of welfare treatments such as accommodation, shuttle, holiday gift, birthday, afternoon tea.

4. To organize rich and diverse employees, such as holiday activities, talent and sports competitions.

5. Provide personal learning, departments, and development opportunities.

6. Establish an employee rescue fund, provide assistance to employees when he or family (parent, child, spouse) is unfortunately unfortunate.
Learning growth

The company has systematic, graded, classified talent training system, can provide the employee of all levels to provide professional development channels based on professional development channel: from the management talents, training (M1-class leader skills, M2-middle management talents " Xinjin Manager turned and cultivated, M3-high-order manager leadership development, etc.) The training and development of employees will construct Jingwang real talent advantages, and build the core competitiveness of the organization.

Development promotion  

The company establishes a "professional dual channel" system, namely professional and technical and management channels, providing employees with comprehensive development space.


The company provides employees with rich year-end bonuses, and the company has given corresponding equity incentives for the company's high-level and some technical and management backbone personnel.


Employee Care  

The company has established an employee rescue center, providing assistance to the employee when he is unfortunate in his own or family (parent, child, spouse). Regularly convene birthday Party for employees, holidays host large activities, regularly hold sports competitions, employee talents performances.

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